Traveling with a {small} dog

I was a little nervous about taking Daisy to North Carolina with us. The longest car ride she had been on up to that point had been around 1 hour, and it was going to be at least 8 hours to NC (it ended up being around 9). 

 She did better than we could have ever imagined! I’m looking forward to her tagging along on more family vacations, since, after all, we do consider our little fur baby part of the family.

Here’s what I learned about traveling with a small dog.

First, we made sure that she would be comfortable and feel safe. Daisy sleeps in a kennel every night at home, so we made sure to bring it. When she feels scared or overwhelmed, many times she goes and relaxes in her kennel. We figured that having it accessible to her on the drive would help if she felt anxious or stressed. It also helped to have it to put her in when we needed to leave her behind at the cabin. We covered it with a blanket and she just took the opportunity to nap until we came back.

We also brought her bed. She loves sleeping in this bed while I work, so it is comforting to her. She spent a majority of the time cuddled up in it. 

I usually take a blanket when I travel, just because it makes me feel warm and cozy if the air conditioning gets too cold. This trip I brought along the blanket that Daisy and I cuddle up and watch TV in. I think it was very comforting to her when we got stuck in a wicked hail storm and had to pull over on the side of the road, along with most other cars on the expressway.  She jumped onto my lap and dug her way under the blanket.

We also made sure Daisy had water and food. I kind of overlooked this before we left. We stopped at the first rest stop and we had no way of giving her water. I put some water in a cup, but it just wasn’t easy for her to get to and we had to dump it out before we got back on the road. At the next rest stop, J came up with an idea. He bought ice cream that came in a plastic cup with a lid. We enjoyed the ice cream and then rinsed out the cup and used it to hold water.

 I could easily give Daisy a drink when she needed. I kept the container for future travels. You could just as easily buy a travel bowl for your dog. I also used the top part as a little bowl so she could have a snack when we stopped.

Speaking of water… make sure you don’t give your dog too much to drink if you aren’t planning on stopping. Daisy has a tendency to drink until the bowl is empty. The only problem is her bladder is smaller than the bowl. Sometimes she even throws up the extra water. We also made a few extra stops than we would have if it were just J and I.

I think this helped give a little break and “reset” her for the next couple of hours. She didn’t complain or whimper one bit on the drive. I truly think that these breaks helped put her at ease.

I absolutely loved having her with us on our vacation! It was fun to see her enjoy things like the mountain hike and the beach! I also think that the whole trip was sort of like a bonding experience for Daisy, J and I. I feel like she really learned that she can trust us and that we will take care of her. 

I wanted to take a picture of her every hour of the initial drive (I know, I’m weird), but I forgot to start until hour 3.

Wonder what adventures we will get into next??

Have you ever taken your pet on a vacation? Where did you go??

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Some of my favorite things about summer are sunshine and soft summer breezes. We turned off the air conditioning today and opened our windows.

Hello Beautiful Day!

As I worked, I could hear the breeze whisper along with all the other romantic sounds of summer. It really made me feel at peace.

I love nature. I always have. I am definitely an earthy person. I think there is something magical  about the way the sun sparkles across grass, water and treetops. I think it’s adorable when my cats roll around and fall fast sleep in sunny spots.



Something as simple as sunshine makes their day spectacular. It makes me feel like I can do anything. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bad things get and how dark and stormy life becomes, sunlight always finds a way to persevere and shine.

Be our Guest!

Since our friend, Mike, is driving to Ohio this weekend and staying in our newly decorated guest room, I thought I’d share it with you!

sneak peek!

First off, let me say that I am super embarrassed that we have lived in our house for nearly 5 years and did not have a proper guest room. Sad, but true. Most of the time visitors would have to sleep on the couch  or the lovely air mattress on the floor. The air mattress even tried to eat my sister-in-law. The nerve! Obviously, something had to be done.

Dumping ground

Dumping ground

My parents were nice enough to give us an old Queen size bed they weren’t using anymore. That was step one! But It really just became a place for Sammy to snooze.

Sammy's "nest"

A few weeks months later I was ready to transform Sam’s bedroom the guest room, and headed over to Kohl’s. I  picked up a cute sheet and comforter set in fun teal and green colors.

Then it was on to Target for the limey colored curtains and the glass ball curtain rod. I also picked up a cute little side table. The headboard we already owned.

Once I got home, I found a place for all of the misfit winter clothes that hadn’t been put away since May. I really need to do a better job of keeping up with things!

why put things away? We will need them soon enough...

Once everything that didn’t belong was out of the room I found I made up the bed and hung this starburst mirror on the wall.

I bought this gorgeous mirror to use in the little reading nook off of our bedroom, but haven’t gotten around to hanging it yet. I figured it was too cute to just be sitting in a closet and not being able to show off! When I’m done repainting the nook, I will either get something new for the guest room, or something new for the nook. Either way it will include shopping. Which is always a plus. 😉

I heart starburst mirrors!

Green goodness

I can tell your future in this thing!

I moved the old bedside table to the front of the bed to use as a TV stand. I filled it with some extra blankets.

A new little nightstand from Target for under $20 filled the empty spot. I added a lamp, clock and some fresh Hydrangeas from the front flower beds.


All put together!

Although I am super happy with the guest room’s progress, I think it’s far from finished. I want to definitely put some more artwork up. I also want to try to thrift an old chair and reupholster it with some fun and funky new fabric!

The closet needs some cleaning and organizing too…

Oh, and don’t feel bad for Sammy, he found a new place to sleep. 🙂

So there you have it! Our fun, inviting, spruced up guest room! Now we are just waiting for our guest.

Let the weekend begin!

Question for today:  Do you have any fun and exciting plans for this weekend??

My weekend is sure to include some time on the boat, some time by a bonfire and maybe even a little gambling!

Don’t try this at home!

 Our barely two month old dryer stopped working. We were quite irritated since we just had to replace a 4-year-old dryer with the same problem. J called whirlpool to have someone come over and check it out because it was still under warranty. The maintainance man was very nice and found that it was clogged with lint. He said that was a common problem with dryers that were in second story laundry rooms like ours. In fact, that was probably why our old dryer stopped working at such a young age. He explained that it’s best for dryer pipes to have 0-1 bend; ours has 4 . It is just too hard for lint to go through all those turns and it burns out the dryer motor. 

I don’t think all the extra fur from these guys help either

Who us??

He told us that we needed to install a small fan in the ceiling of the laundry room to fix the problem. 

It was in the 90s last week and the attic isn’t air-conditioned, so J came up with a temporary solution.

He bought this:


It was pretty easy to install and we figured it would work until he was able to buy and install a fan. 

Great idea, right?


The day after the lint kit was installed was a much-needed laundry day since our dryer had been out of commission for a few days. 

I put the first load in the dryer and walked down stairs. No sooner had I reached the kitchen when the smoke detectors started going off.  I raced upstairs to find the laundry room filled with condensation and steam! Luckily there was no fire or smoke.

Our smoke alarms are all wired together on a circuit so that when one goes off, they all go off. My pups were scared and ran outside.

I'm not going back in there anytime soon..

I did what any housewife would do when faced with this situation. I called my husband near tears and explained to him that hitting the smoke detectors didn’t stop them from making noise, and poor Daisy wouldn’t come inside and it was so hot outside she would overheat like the poor dryer.

On the phone and snapping a picture

He explained that hitting the smoke detectors wouldn’t stop them (I swear it worked on Jerseylicious!), and I just had to wait for the steam to clear.

It did and they stopped, and I eventually was able to coax Daisy in with treats.  

But now  we were without a dryer again, and I had laundry that needed drying.

So, I improvised

Classy, right? (Can you guess it was a blanket and random beach towel load?)

Can you spot a cute little pup hiding in this pic?

 I am just so thankful that the dryer didn’t catch on fire.  I’m not sure if it was the lint trap that was bad or if it was just user error, but there is no way I’m even attempting to try it again! In fact, I packaged back up that link trap and returned it to Lowe’s.

Oh, and since it was laundry day, I decided to keep doing laundry and finding creative ways to dry it. 🙂

It really wasn’t bad at all, just a little extra work and a little longer drying time. We even saved money and energy by not running the dryer, and our sheets smelled sun-kissed. 🙂

Have you ever used a dryer lint trap? Did it work for you?

Rusty really wants to know!