Everything Will be O.K.

I went to Pat Catan’s the other day and they had a lot of summer things on sale. I picked up a little chalkboard plant pick for around $1. It was 90% off!  I was just thinking that next time I went to the store I should pick up some chalk to write on it.

 That same day, while I was doing laundry, a stone fell out of one of J’s jeans pockets.

I asked him what it was before I threw it away. He said it was soapstone. He used it to mark things on projects he was doing.

“Like chalk?” I asked.

“Yep, just like chalk.” he replied.

I couldn’t wait to try it out, and it worked! Yay!

I scribbled out a saying that I found online the other day.

I stuck it into a potted plant that resides by the kitchen sink.  I smile every time I walk by! It’s amazing how such a little thing makes such a big impact in my day.

What little things make you smile?


Fugate Flea Market

One day during our little getaway to Maggie Valley, we decided to check out the shops downtown.  While we were debating where to stop first, a sign caught our eye..

We had to stop, since, ya know, it is our last name and all.

Honestly, most of the stuff just looked like junk to me. Then we happened to stumble upon a few things that I just knew wanted to come back to Ohio.

First, I found this gorgeous flowery plate.

It is really heavy and you know I love anything that has daisies on it (or flowers that resemble daisies).

Next, I noticed this adorable little glass dome and plate set. (I know that’s not the proper name, and if you know it please enlighten me!)  the pattern really isn’t my style. Actually, I hate it, but J said it would be no big deal to switch out. 

I also picked up this huge Ball jar. I love it! I think it will be great to display on the kitchen counter. I’m not sure what I’m going to fill it with just yet. Maybe sugar, or flour? Or maybe candy corn for the Fall?  Just leave it empty?  I think it’s a great memento of our trip to the South!

Don’t let the picture deceive you, it’s 10 inches tall!

The woman wanted $25 for all 3 things, but J used a tactic from  American Pickers, and asked her to include the cute little owl I had been admiring. 

She agreed on $25 for everything. I think we did very well! I love my new treasures and can’t wait to use them or display them! The owl has a temporary home on the window seal, and he seems happy! 🙂

On the way out, we also scored this gem:

It’s a sewing table with an old sewing machine on it. I recently bought a sewing machine and this table will be perfect once it gets a bit of a facelift. I know absolutely nothing about the sewing machine except it says  “Gimbels” on the side.

 I might just try to sell it or maybe fix it up and display it? The table and sewing machine were only $10!

Next, we headed down the road to an ice cream shop

It was just what we needed after a hard day hour of thrifting!

Yum Yum!

Later that evening we stopped at a gas station and I saw these beauties:

I thought they would make the perfect gift for my brother who loves unique glasses. I looked at them again and decided to get 2 for myself as well. I mean, why not? I love having an eclectic mix of things, and these would always be a reminder of our trip.

Plus, they look so country chic with pink lemonade in them!

Maggie Valley had a bunch of other fun, unique and interesting shops. We spent a couple of hours going in and seeing what they all had to offer. 

By the time we got back to the cabin, this little girl was more than happy to see us!

Do you go to flea markets? What have you gotten recently?

Anniversary Surprise!

Our anniversary was August 17th! Jason and I have been married nine years! Nine whole years! It seems a bit surreal when I think about it.  I don’t even feel like someone who is even old enough to be married 9 years. (I did get married before I was old enough to drink, so I guess that isn’t exactly the norm.).

8/17/2002 (I took a picture of a picture, so sorry about the quality! )

Jason and I really aren’t big on gifts. We pretty much just spend the day together and try to go on a little trip for a day or two.

NC Road trip 2011

This year I had a surprise up my sleeve.  Jason is always saying how we don’t have enough art in our house (actually we have no art). I agree, but I just have a hard time finding the right things to display in our house. I want something modern, but not too modern, maybe landscapes, but not too old and stuffy. Anyhow, we were at Bed Bath and Beyond and J showed me a painting he liked. I snapped a few pics of it.  A few days later I went to the craft store and picked up a canvas, some paints and paintbrushes. I started by drawling the outline of the guitar.

took a few tries

Then, using the pictures on my IPhone as a guide, I replicated the painting in my own way.


 It turned out better than I could have imagined! I have no paining, or drawing talent at all so I was super impressed! I added a “9” on the guitar for our 9 years together and that blue blob in the bottom corner is Daisy’s footprint.

9 years together!


I wanted to hide it and give it to him on our actual anniversary, but I was way too excited to show him it. I told him I had a surprise for him in the basement when he got home. Once he saw it, he was so surprised and happy! He even asked me if I had started with a blank canvas. He told me he loved it more than anything that we could ever buy. He hung it up right that second. He even took a picture and put it on Facebook, which he doesn’t even get on very often. I am so happy with how it turned out. Jason even showed it to a friend who asked if it was paint by number. Is that a compliment?

  Either way, I am so glad that Jason liked it. It makes me want to have more personal art like that throughout our home! I have a few ton of ideas floating around in my head right now, I can’t wait to get started!  

Do you have any art in your home with a personal meaning?

I heart flowers!

I really love flowers, but I love flowers from my own garden most of all. I get great joy from stepping out into my own yard and cutting fresh flowers to decorate my home. 

Endless Summer

I love the bluish purple hydrangea we have in our front and back flower beds. They are called “Endless Summer”. They really live up to their name. They start blooming as early as May and keep blooming until Fall. A great thing about hydrangeas is that they make awesome cut flowers. They will last at least a week in water. I have had some last even longer. Another cool thing that I’ve read about hydrangeas is that if you bury part of the stem (not a cut stem) it will take root and then when you cut it loose from the mother plant you have a whole new plant! Something I’m definitely going to try! I am also thinking of drying them out this year and having beautiful flowers all winter.

Along with the hydrangeas we also have bright yellow daylillies and purple salvia. These plants do not have nearly the blooms of the hydrangeas so I generally leave them alone, but yesterday I thought the daylillies had a few flowers to spare. I made this cute little arrangement to go in my favorite chihuahua planter. Ok, so it’s my only chihuahua planter, but isn’t it a cute one?

I am not exactly sure what those pretty pink flowers are called. I bought a plant at Walmart for $5 on clearance, and oh my has it flourished! It’s popping out pretty flowers like crazy! It didn’t come with a tag, so I guess I have to do some investigating to find out what it is. It’s still in the pot, but it’s overflowing so I have to plant it soon. I think I might give it a permanent home down by the pond. 

 This has been an extremely wonderful summer for plants. Just the right amount of sunshine and rain. 

Happy Summer!

What plants did you plant this summer? What are your favorite flowers to display in  your home?