I’m From Ohio and I Like it That Way

I can sum up my day so far in one word: lazy.  Let me just say I am loving this lazy-nothing-to-do-but-get-caught-up-on-my-DVR- day. While I was flipping through the channels, I stopped on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network).  I love LMN! I must admit I can sit and watch those Lifetime movies for days. Well, most of then anyhow! I am partial to the romance ones. 🙂   A  movie called View of Terror, staring Shannen Dougherty just happened to be on today.

It hadn’t started too long ago, so I watched a minute to see if I could get into the plot. About 5 seconds later the scene switched to this conversation:

Two of the main characters are sitting in a restaurant talking about Shannen Dougherty’s character, Celeste. The woman says something like (and I’m sorry I am paraphrasing here):

She’s not like us. She’s from Ohio for goodness sakes! She grew up milking cows and playing softball

Um, what? I grew up in Ohio and I never milked a cow or played softball. I lived in the city and played tennis. LOL  It’s always amusing to me that Ohio is the go to state for farm living in movies and on television.

Anyone remember the  Grey’s Anatomy episode called “Sanctuary”? It was in season 6 when a shooter was loose in the hospital.

April: My name…my name is April Kepner. I’m 28 years old, and I was born on April 23 in, in Ohio. I’m from C-Columbus. Columbus, Ohio. Um, my mom, my mom is a teacher, and m-my dad is a farmer. Corn. C-corn. He, he, he grows corn. Their, their names are Karen and Joe. I have three sisters! Libby’s the oldest. I, I’m next, and then there’s K-Kimmy and Alice. I, I, I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t…I’ve barely lived! I, I’m not finished yet. No one’s loved me yet. Please. Please. I’m someone’s child! I’m a person! I’m a person!

For some reason, writers love to use Ohio. Akron, Ohio was brought up in an episode of Prison Break (season 2) titled “The Message”.  Michael Scofield meets up with Dr. Sara Tancredi at Summa Health System’s St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio.  (read more about it here)

(The hospital scene was actually filmed in a Dallas hospital and not taped in Akron according to Wikipedia)

J and I always joke about how Ohio is everywhere! It seems like television and movie writers love to use Ohio. From now on, I am going to share the Ohio love with all of you!  I decided to start a little feature here on the blog where you can find an ongoing list of all the times Ohio was mentioned in movies, books, television shows, ect. Feel free to send me an email (SugarSpiceDaisies@gmail.com )and I’ll add it to the list if it isn’t in there already.  It should be fun!


Welcome Back Sunshine!

I am really loving this sunshining Monday! 

ahhh sunshine!

 Last week was one rainy week here in Ohio!


A vase left on the table outside.. all from last week!

I almost fell walking out to take this picture because the deck was covered in slime (??)  from all the rain since we are too lazy haven’t gotten around to staining it yet!

One positive of all this rain is that my flowers are absolutely thriving!

Our mums are starting to bloom, a sure sign that fall is in the air.

These  mums were a gift from J’s mom. We just simply planted them in the ground a few falls ago and they have come back bigger every year! 🙂 We thought they would die in the winter and be gone forever, but to our surprise (and delight!) we are able to enjoy them every year without having to pay for new plants.

The rain has also helped this little monster to grow:

This thing is taller than me now! It’s supposed to just be a cute little bush at the end of the driveway, but I think I see a new location in the future. Somewhere were it can grow freely and we don’t have to trim it ever few weeks! Word of advice-when planning your flower beds read how big things get and plan accordingly. Oh well, you live and learn and then buy plants that don’t need constant maintainance!

 I’m off to give Mr. Monster Bush a haircut!

Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this beautiful day!

Just Like a Day at the Beach

A while ago, I purchased a groupon to Picaboo. It’s an online site where you can make photo books. I haven’t used it yet and I thought making a book with our latest vacation pictures would be cute.

I sat down and worked on it for a few hours. While I was sorting photos and picking layout and backgrounds, I lit a new candle I just bought at Target. It’s from Yankee Candle and its called “Beach Party”. It smells just like sunscreen! I also lit a candle that I’ve had forever named  “Ocean Water”.

I must be having beach withdraws! I adorned my little candle jumble with a few rocks I got at Pier One a while back. I had a coupon for $10 off a $10 or more purchase! I usually avoid Pier One because they are a little pricey, but free is free! 🙂

It really reminded me of the beach. I can’t wait until we can go back and hopefully stay longer.

Anyhow, has anyone ever used Picaboo before? Oh my goodness! They have choices on top of choices to make your books. You can totally customize everything. You can pick the backgrounds, layouts, the colors, you can even lighten/darken your photos and there are a ton of fonts for captions. It can be a bit overwhelming.  I have about 5 pages done. I like the jumble layouts where you can add a lot of pictures. I also included a few pages with minimal pictures and room to write about the trip. This is the first photo book I’ve ever made and it’s a lot of fun so far. I did get into scrapbooking for a while, but it was time-consuming, and right now I am only up to the beginning of last summer when we went to New Orleans. I think that once I (hopefully) get caught up with my scrapbook, I will start orgainizing my pictures into books online and ordering them.

Where is your favorite place to vacation??

 I wasn’t perked in any way to do this post. The thoughts on Picabo are totally my own from my own experience. 🙂